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Dentures for a Picture Perfect Smile

Complete your smile with a set of dentures! We can create dentures for patients in addition to providing repairs and maintenance.

A-List Winner - Voted Abbotsford's Favourite Denturist

Custom Dentures by our Abbotsford Denturist

For over 2 decades, Kafka Denture Clinic has provided denture services for patients in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. We’re a family-run clinic where we treat our clients like an extension of our family. When you visit us, you’ll deal directly with our owner and registered denturist, Cliff Kafka, and his family. Our personal, individualized approach means that we are able to give personal attention and personalized care to each one of our clients. Although we are based in the Fraser Valley, we’ve seen clients from various regions including the United States. Come see why we were voted Abbotsford’s #1 favourite denturist!

A-List Winner - Voted Abbotsford's Favourite Denturist

Voted Abbotsford’s Favourite Denturist

Full Control over Your Custom Dentures

Our professional denturist Cliff loves the challenges of creating that perfect smile! All of our custom dentures are custom-fitted to fit your mouth, so you can have full control over the form and fit of the dentures. There is no extended waiting period for the dentures to be finished. Patients are able to have input into the shape and colour of the teeth as well as placement. You will be able to try in the wax setup of the denture to make sure you like what you see and feel before the custom denture is finished.

complete your smile
brand new smile

Complete Your Smile

Thanks to medical advancements, current generations are living long, active and healthy lives. This is a great thing, but the consequence is that many people have a much longer lifespan than their teeth. We want to help you stay active and maintain your current dietary habits. Even if you’ve had dentures for years, it’s possible to improve the feel and performance of your dentures with repairs or relining.

Complete dentures

Complete Dentures

We offer full sets of dentures at a range of different price levels.

Partial dentures

Partial Dentures

If you still have some natural teeth, we can fill out your smile.

Dental Implants

Denture Implants

Implants are dentures
supported by metal roots.



Your gums and jawbone change over time. You will need denture relining.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Get immediate dentures after extraction and never be without teeth.

Restore Your Smile

Restore Your Smile

Whether you’re a senior looking to regain confidence in your teeth’s appearance or a weekend warrior who lost teeth playing sports, we’re here to restore your smile! Dental plans are welcome and financing is available. Contact us today for an appointment.

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