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Visit Our Clinic in Abbotsford for Partial Dentures

Perhaps you still have some natural teeth but you want a dental prosthesis to fill out your smile and restore your confidence. Don’t be satisfied with an incomplete set of teeth: Kafka Denture Clinic can craft partial dentures in the Fraser Valley. We’re an Abbotsford studio that specializes in boutique-style denture services.

partial before


partial after


hand holding a partial

Support Your Natural Teeth

A properly designed, removable partial denture may help preserve your natural tooth placement and assist in the support of your existing teeth. You can prolong the lifespan of your natural teeth and keep your jaw strong – potentially strong enough for denture implants in the future. A partial denture can restore your ability to chew and even potentially help with your confidence.

If you want to preserve your existing teeth by getting a partial dental prosthesis or you require other denture services, Kafka Denture Clinic can help. Contact our clinic today for an appointment.

See a Denturist

We pride ourselves on offering individual attention in our studio-style clinic.

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