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Immediate Dentures: Get a Dental Prosthesis in the Fraser Valley

When you need your teeth extracted but don’t want to be without teeth during the healing period, the answer is immediate dentures. At Kafka Denture Clinic in the Fraser Valley, we can create a dental prosthesis that will be inserted on the same day that you have your teeth extracted. You won’t ever have to endure the embarrassment of not having teeth.

immediate dentures before

Patient with bridge work before immediate dentures

immediate dentures after

The same patient after immediate denture therapy

bone resorption

Typical jawbone without bone resorption

bone resorption-10yrs

Bone resorption 10 years after tooth extraction

bone resorption-30yrs

Bone resorption 30 years after tooth extraction

The Immediate Denture Process

We will make an impression of your teeth and gums before they are extracted, and we will use this to help design a set of replacement dentures that you can wear once your natural teeth come out. In the months following surgery, your jawbone and gums will shrink to a smaller size and your immediate dentures may not fit as well as they first did. At this point, you may need a reline or a completely new dental prosthesis.

We can help find a treatment model that will work well for you based on your needs and budget. Contact Kafka Denture Clinic today. We’re based in Abbotsford and serve clients from surrounding areas like Mission, Aldergrove, Chilliwack, Cultus, Hope and more.

See a Denturist

We pride ourselves on offering individual attention in our studio-style clinic.

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